Kudjoe Rum ✖ Jamaican Rum ✖

✖Single Estate✖ ✖Single Origin✖ ✖Jamaican Rum✖

✖Single Estate✖ ✖Single Origin✖ ✖Jamaican Rum✖

✖Single Estate✖ ✖Single Origin✖ ✖Jamaican Rum✖✖Single Estate✖ ✖Single Origin✖ ✖Jamaican Rum✖✖Single Estate✖ ✖Single Origin✖ ✖Jamaican Rum✖

"More than just a Rum"  

Street ... Art, Skate, Ride, Beats, Wear "It's a Movement" 

Kudjoe Styles

White Kudjoe

 A lush, full-bodied white rum developed to be a standout both in mixed drinks and cocktails. Unlike many other white rums, Kudjoe white is aged for a minimum of two years in American oak barrels. The crisp clear color is achieved by filtering through activated charcoal. 

Spiced Kudjoe

 A spiced rum like no other, flavored with an abundance of natural spices and fruits found on the island. Taking center stage Jamaican pimento is partnered with root ginger, nutmeg and other spices, well rounded off by sweet tropical bursts of coconut. 

Gold Kudjoe

Golden hues and tropical fruit driven notes make this a rich and intense rum, typical of Jamaica's higher ester rums. Works well in cocktails but also allows those who like to sip their rum to enjoy this liquid gold. 

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